Five tips to clean and refresh your kitchen

I believe after my last suggestion for kitchen organize, your kitchen has been much cleaner. This time let me bring you another 5 tips. After this time, your kitchen will be more capacious. Now let's get started.

Tip 1: Roller storage cart.

If you can make room for a rolling storage cart, you can see how much fun moving storage can be. The storage car is not only convenient, but also inexpensive, and can adapt to various corner positions.

Tip 2: Glass jars to store food.

It is easy to find and use your condiments and food when use glass or plastic containers to store them.

Tip 3: Holder

If hanging poles and supports cannot be installed in walls or ceilings, a retractable hanging pole can be arranged in the cabinet for hanging ladles, ladles and other articles.

Tip 4: Use space wisely.

Clever to use cupboard door surplus space. It can feel you more layered not only, also can enlarge the store volume. Hide the messy little things in the kitchen quickly into the cupboard door! Let ambry become a creative art, neat, refreshing, and modern.

Tip 5: Rotary storage.

Because the utensils in the back of the cupboard are not easy to access, and long time usage of them will cause the oily stain of the corner. Rotary storage can easily solve the problem of inconvenient storage in the corner.

The kitchen organizing tips come from our daily life, and hopefully these five tips will help you. Also hope the warm kitchen environment can bring a different inspiration to your cooking.

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